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What are the Benefits of Carpet? 

Carpet is one of the top flooring options for homeowners because it combines warmth, style and comfort all in one. What separates a rug from a carpet is that carpets are installed wall to wall and cover the entire floor of a room, where a rug simply covers a portion of flooring. At Carpet King Carpet One Floor & Home we bring you only the best quality brands available to us.

What Type of Carpet Material is Best?

Consider what color you want your carpet. The lighter the carpet, the brighter your rooms might look. If you choose to go with a darker color carpet you have the added benefit of being able to hide small stains and pet fur.  Pile styles have unique characteristics that’ll you’ll want to know before selecting a carpet. Cut pile has fibers that are cut at the ends making the carpet denser. Loop pile is the opposite, where no fibers are left at the surface and are in a series of loops, giving the carpet an even look. Multi-level loop staggers the height of the loop fibers to create an uneven surface. Cut and loop piles also provide an uneven look but also give texture to the carpet and hide dirt.

Carpet fibers are made out of different materials and make a difference in the look and feel of the carpet. Fibers also determine the stain and matting resistance as well as long term durability. Wool carpet is naturally resilient and allergy friendly. Nylon carpets are incredibly durable and polyester carpets can be super soft.

Carpet makes your home feel warmer and cozier. Check out our carpet selection at our Carpet King Carpet One showroom in Marion, IA and choose which carpet is right for your home!


About Carpet

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Available Carpet Brands

Get to know our available carpet brands.

Available Carpet Brands
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Why Should I Choose Carpet?

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be a difficult process, let us give you a few reasons why you should choose carpet for your home. 

Why Carpet?
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When is it Time to Replace Your Carpet?

You know you’re ready for a new carpet when those stubborn stains don’t seem to want to come out anymore, or maybe your carpet doesn’t bounce back like it used to after being compressed. 

Replacing your Carpet
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What is the Best Type of Carpet?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing carpet flooring. We explain some of the different types of carpet and which would work best for different types of homes. 

Learn About Carpet Types
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How to Install Carpet

Get carpet installation tips and facts here. 

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Stain Resistant Carpet

Learn about our stain resistant carpet brands, which are the perfect option for homes with pets and kids. 

Learn About Stain Resistant Carpet


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