Carpet Installation

We at Carpet King Carpet One Floor & Home know what goes into a quality carpet installation.

Learn About Installation

No one knows carpet better than us at Carpet King Carpet One Floor & Home in Marion. We have local certified flooring experts at our showroom to assist you in choosing the perfect carpet for your home. We also can assist you when it comes to having it installed as well. Your journey does not stop with us after you buy carpet; we also install it for you as well. We make it easy to schedule an installation at your home or your business.

Best Types of Carpet

We make sure our customers shop only the best carpets and brands available. We have a wide selection of carpet varying in color, pile style, and fiber types. We also have waterproof carpets like Tigressa H2O and stain resistant carpets such as Lee’s. Although carpets are a versatile product, they are not impermeable to certain challenges. Avoid installing them in rooms with high moisture like basements or laundry rooms. Carpets look best and function better in rooms like the bedroom, office, and living room.

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding plays a very important role in the installation process. They also affect how your carpets perform over time. If you skip out and get a cheap option, you may find your investment won’t last as long as you’d hope.

Time to Replace Your Carpet?

There are many tell-tale signs of an old carpet. Read up on some not so obvious signs and compare them to your carpet at home to see if you’re due for a new one.