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Laminate Flooring Guide 

Carpet King Carpet One Floor & Home in Marion, IA is your locally owned flooring source for all flooring types including laminate. Laminate flooring is not the same as it was in your grandmother’s kitchen all those years ago. Today laminate flooring is more realistic than before. We have a wide selection of laminate flooring, and we can help you navigate the different styles and options to find something that suits your personal style and home décor. 

Laminate was originally introduced to the market as an affordable alternative to hardwood flooring for those who were on a budget. From the beginning there was no mistaking laminate for hardwood. Changes and updates in the way laminate is made have allowed it to look more realistic than before. Our selection of laminates will surprise you as to how close they resemble hardwood, and even tile, floors.

Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring

If cost is an issue for your flooring project, then consider installing wood look laminate flooring in your home. Laminate is made with man-made products, which makes it significantly less expensive than natural hardwood or stone. With laminate flooring, dents and scratches are less likely to occur than they would with a wood floor. Another major benefit is that laminate floors do not need to be sealed or refinished, which saves time and money.

With laminate flooring, you may not have the added dollar value, but it still delivers the authentic visuals you expect from a wood look floor. Digital printing technology has come a long way and visuals are more realistic than ever. Laminate floors are less expensive in both material and labor costs as opposed to hardwood or tile.

Laminate Installation

Laminate flooring features a similar construction of that as engineered hardwood, and can be installed in all the same places. That means you can have laminate flooring in bedrooms, living rooms, and even in your kitchen. You can also install laminate flooring in spaces with a lot of traffic like hallways and entryways.

Most laminate options come as a floating floor, which means no adhesives are required during installation. A benefit of floating floors is that it is easier to replace if you change your flooring as compared to a glued down product which can require a lot of labor. Floating floors are fast and easy to install, and you can walk on them the same day.

Our Laminate Selection

As your locally owned flooring retailer, we have a wide selection of name brands and exclusive brands for you to choose. When it comes to laminate we carry name brands in addition to our Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brand Laminate for Life™. Stop by our showroom today to check out our collection.

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Why Should I Choose Laminate?

Advancing technology means laminate flooring looks more realistic than ever before. There is no need to break the bank to have a gorgeous looking floor when you can have laminate.

Choosing Laminate
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Laminate Cleaning Tips

Laminate is one of the easiest floors to clean and care for. Although they may not be waterproof, they are more resistant to moisture than hardwood, and require less steps when it comes to cleaning.

Laminate Maintenance


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