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Stain Resistant Carpet 

The old saying goes “No use crying over spilled milk.” Well what about spilled wine on your carpet? Accidents happen and are not always preventable. Stains do not always just come from spills though. Daily wear, as well as heavy activity, can discolor your carpet and leave some nasty stains. Advanced technology has made carpet incredibly stain resistant, meaning you get back more time in your day to enjoy the things you love.

Pet Friendly Carpet

There are a few different types of stain resistant carpets. Some are made with a topical treatment that just covers the surface of the carpet and eventually wears off after years of use and cleaning leaving your carpet vulnerable. Then there are options where the stain resistance is built into the fiber itself, meaning it’ll never wear away and will better protect your subflooring underneath.

Most carpets today are made to be stain resistant. For example, synthetic fibers like nylon are almost always stain resistant. Natural fibers like wool are also stain resistant by nature, but like any other fiber if you allow the stain to be absorbed it will be hard to get out.

For more information on stain resistant carpets, or any carpet cleaning needs, visit our Carpet King Carpet One showroom in Marion, IA and speak with one of our flooring professionals.

Stain Resistant Carpet

Top rated carpet brand

Lees Carpets

Lees is one of the toughest carpets with outstanding stain resistance qualities. Homes with children and pets never have to worry about accidents again.

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Tigressa Carpet

Tigressa Carpets

Tigressa H2O is our Carpet One exclusive, 100% waterproof carpet option. This kid and pet proof carpet is meant for the active family home.

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